Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's a French tradition when a girl reaches 16, her mother takes her to choose a perfume which suits her so well, this is to become her "signature" perfume. It's a life-long loyal scent for her.

Of course you can dabble with other fragrances, but it is your "signature" perfume which reminds people always of you. Some bombshells of the silent film era even fragranced their own swimming pools with thier signature perfume! You don't need to go that far. But as a bombshell, you DO need your own subtle, yet intoxicating scent.
Do you have a your signature perfume? If not, think seriously before you commit to one. A bombshell would never, ever wear a perfume named after a woman other than herself (this does not refer to Coco Chanel, but more modern popular celebrities such as Beyonce or Paris Hilton). She would never wear it just because it is affordable. Or because it is the current fashion. It should reflect the essence of you. Are you sweet or spicy? Do you have bite? Are you soft and warm?
WARNING: Decisions must not be made hastily. Get to KNOW your perfume.
Perfume is to be worn where you woud most like to be kissed. Your pulse points are a good idea. Perfume changes on individuals skin, so check the scent of it on yourself.
Dab-on bottles are more desireable, but unfortunately less commonly available. So spray the air in front of you and then walk through the mist for a mild, all over scent. Whatever you do, don't over-use your perfume as you don't want people to be repelled by an overwhelming scent! You only want to leave a HINT of your mistyque.
Once you have discovered you own signature, you have the option of branching out with matching fragrant body lotions, oil and bubble bath and solid perfume for your handbag, so you'll never leave home without it!



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