Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Man's Man - Woman's Man - Man About Town

Introducing the Bombshell Man.
Bombshells love men. Men love bombshells. It's a perfect match!
The bombshell man can vary in age, traditionally being quite a lot older than she is although he never really knows her age! He is a masculine man's man. Tough when warranted and smooth as our silk kimonos (we all have one!). He plays poker with the men and smokes the odd cigar... he is worldly and confident and can easily walk on the wild side. He's often regarded as the alpha-male or a metrosexual man.
He loves women. He knows she has a temper and knows how to dodge the flying objects thrown his way. He accepts her for all she is and all she desires. He loves everything about bombshell women. He loves her curves, her style and the fact that she can't cook and he can overlook that she fills her refridgerator with skincare products.
Rough and soft, he is the man. Yes kittens, he is the man I will be telling you ALL about in my blog...
so stay tuned...


  1. Can you say Hello Lover to basically every man shown <3



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