Monday, May 25, 2009

Destination Vacation! #1 Camping

I have a lot to write about our vacations. So I will ease you into it gradually.

Today we will begin with the vacation most likely to cause long-term trauma for a bombshell. CAMPING.
Natural reaction is to scream. I know. I did this too. Don't. Take a deep breath and calm yourselves. You CAN do this...

Bombshells will gladly go camping when invited but only if she has her own ensuite! She naturally prefers the finer things in life and wouldn't mind "roughing it" for a good cause but she knows herself well enough to understand that she's just not GOOD at doing almost anything that's not glamorous. But she loves adventure and is willing to give it her best try - this is something that endears her to others.
When camping, a bombshell must be prepared in order to survive. She should pack her sturdyest Louis Vuitton Travel Chest and add these items:

* toilet seat liners
* can of pepper spray
* A pretty and fine net for putting over her hat (to protect skin from "predators")
* Bottle or (monogrammed) hip flask of rum
* Unscented bug repellant
* Packet of individually wrapped sweets (emergency "rations")
* Roll of 3 ply ultra-soft toilet paper
* Never-used baseball bat (only to be used as weapon for emergency)
* Cell phone fully charged
* Phone number for the nearest pizza delivery service to area
* hand fan
* leather gloves
* Marc Jacobs gum boots
* Coat with fur collar (for possible chilly weather)
* Safari outfit with matching hat (or fur hat) see: Out Of Africa
* Shower cap
* sleeping mask
* ukelele

Remember happy campers - keep smiling. It won't last forever and you will be home soon!


  1. I love camping lol, but I always make sure there is a bathroom available on the camp grounds and power outlets aswell.

  2. You forgot to add the kitchen sink and a full length mirror to your list. And Julie, so true!! you need power outlets to plug in the hair straightner!



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