Monday, May 25, 2009

Destination Vacation! #1 Camping

I have a lot to write about our vacations. So I will ease you into it gradually.

Today we will begin with the vacation most likely to cause long-term trauma for a bombshell. CAMPING.
Natural reaction is to scream. I know. I did this too. Don't. Take a deep breath and calm yourselves. You CAN do this...

Bombshells will gladly go camping when invited but only if she has her own ensuite! She naturally prefers the finer things in life and wouldn't mind "roughing it" for a good cause but she knows herself well enough to understand that she's just not GOOD at doing almost anything that's not glamorous. But she loves adventure and is willing to give it her best try - this is something that endears her to others.
When camping, a bombshell must be prepared in order to survive. She should pack her sturdyest Louis Vuitton Travel Chest and add these items:

* toilet seat liners
* can of pepper spray
* A pretty and fine net for putting over her hat (to protect skin from "predators")
* Bottle or (monogrammed) hip flask of rum
* Unscented bug repellant
* Packet of individually wrapped sweets (emergency "rations")
* Roll of 3 ply ultra-soft toilet paper
* Never-used baseball bat (only to be used as weapon for emergency)
* Cell phone fully charged
* Phone number for the nearest pizza delivery service to area
* hand fan
* leather gloves
* Marc Jacobs gum boots
* Coat with fur collar (for possible chilly weather)
* Safari outfit with matching hat (or fur hat) see: Out Of Africa
* Shower cap
* sleeping mask
* ukelele

Remember happy campers - keep smiling. It won't last forever and you will be home soon!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Man's Man - Woman's Man - Man About Town

Introducing the Bombshell Man.
Bombshells love men. Men love bombshells. It's a perfect match!
The bombshell man can vary in age, traditionally being quite a lot older than she is although he never really knows her age! He is a masculine man's man. Tough when warranted and smooth as our silk kimonos (we all have one!). He plays poker with the men and smokes the odd cigar... he is worldly and confident and can easily walk on the wild side. He's often regarded as the alpha-male or a metrosexual man.
He loves women. He knows she has a temper and knows how to dodge the flying objects thrown his way. He accepts her for all she is and all she desires. He loves everything about bombshell women. He loves her curves, her style and the fact that she can't cook and he can overlook that she fills her refridgerator with skincare products.
Rough and soft, he is the man. Yes kittens, he is the man I will be telling you ALL about in my blog...
so stay tuned...

You Can Leave Your Hat On

We like our hats. They are an apt accessory for keeping our heads warm in the winter and protecting our (often peaches and cream) complexions in the summer. They are fabulous for hiding bad hair days or just to look elegant.

Many different hats for many different moods. We are known even for wearing turbans on the appropriate occasion!
We like to wear hats for swimming, horse riding, horse races, almost always at funerals, meeting princes, garden parties, galas and parades.
Our hats are stored appropriately and caringly within pretty hat boxes in our dressing-rooms.
However, we do not wear beanies unless we are paid to do so whilst acting in a film. They are just not bombshell attire...

Friday, May 15, 2009

Scarlet Letter

The Bombshell will monogram her towels, luggage, bathrobes, night shirts/nightgowns and linens. She also prefers to send a letter rather than a text message or an email. To her it is a more personal and friendly touch. Naturally, she does this on her monogrammed stationery and lightly scents it with the "signature" perfume before sealing it with a sticker, a wax stamp or a kiss and sending it off with the postman.
What is your favourite colour? You should know this. You should use this with your theme. Use it as the colour of your monogram or the colour of your stationery, your luggage, your bathrobes etc.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bombshell hair

Today I am barely going to touch on hairstyles. Later, I will delve into the deep sea of hair - style, colours and cuts. For now, just to get you thinking...

A bombshell prides herself on good grooming. Her hair is never messy unless it is srtategically messy! Bombshells are no strangers to velcro rollers, straightening irons (my preference is GHD), hairdryers, extensions, embellishments and of course the teasing brush.

She knows which haistyles suit her best and sticks to it. Weather it is the short bangs, the colour or the up-do, this is her unique hair and it is another of the bombshell's "signatures". Once the look is perfected she usually sticks to that style, colour and cut.

The Hairdresser

The hairdresser is the bombshells secret weapon, long-term confidante and is on her speed dial. He or she is often seen travelling with the bombshell. The hairdresser is not to be underestimated and is an intergal part of her immediate entourage.

Birthday Boy

It's my pin-up guy's birthday today. So I thought I'd mention it. . . I sing happy birthay and send a flying kiss to you in Vancouver.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


On any given day, if you were to take a skeaky-peek into the handbag of a true Bombshell, you would be more than likely to come across all of the following items, and possibly more...

* tiny tin of breath mints
* mirrored compact (with magnifying and non-magnifying sides)
* tube of lipstick
* lipgloss (or Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream)
* little notebook or Filofax (bombshells prefer to hand write ALL details)
* cellphone
* pen (possible a little Tiffany & co. pen)
* keys
* napkin from the Plaza hotel
* little packet of aspirin
* perfume solid or mini-atomiser
* ticket stubs from the valet or cloakroom
* rolo's (chocolate for energy!)
* never-used tiny sewing kit - taken from hotel
* leather wallet by some exclusive european designer
* sunglasses
* nail file
* sample sachet or small tube of hand cream


It's a French tradition when a girl reaches 16, her mother takes her to choose a perfume which suits her so well, this is to become her "signature" perfume. It's a life-long loyal scent for her.

Of course you can dabble with other fragrances, but it is your "signature" perfume which reminds people always of you. Some bombshells of the silent film era even fragranced their own swimming pools with thier signature perfume! You don't need to go that far. But as a bombshell, you DO need your own subtle, yet intoxicating scent.
Do you have a your signature perfume? If not, think seriously before you commit to one. A bombshell would never, ever wear a perfume named after a woman other than herself (this does not refer to Coco Chanel, but more modern popular celebrities such as Beyonce or Paris Hilton). She would never wear it just because it is affordable. Or because it is the current fashion. It should reflect the essence of you. Are you sweet or spicy? Do you have bite? Are you soft and warm?
WARNING: Decisions must not be made hastily. Get to KNOW your perfume.
Perfume is to be worn where you woud most like to be kissed. Your pulse points are a good idea. Perfume changes on individuals skin, so check the scent of it on yourself.
Dab-on bottles are more desireable, but unfortunately less commonly available. So spray the air in front of you and then walk through the mist for a mild, all over scent. Whatever you do, don't over-use your perfume as you don't want people to be repelled by an overwhelming scent! You only want to leave a HINT of your mistyque.
Once you have discovered you own signature, you have the option of branching out with matching fragrant body lotions, oil and bubble bath and solid perfume for your handbag, so you'll never leave home without it!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Movie Time

Often I am asked which films to watch as to get inspiraton for (what can only be refered to as)bombshell'ism.

My favourite films aren't there to draw inspiration from. They are usually because I can already relate in some way to the characters or a character.

Since I was a young child I adored cinema. I did so want to be an actress more than anything. I believe this is a common trait amongst Bombshells. And many do become successful at their stage and screen acting.

I could always put on a performance. I will still put on a performance (if anyone is willing to watch) My most popular solo act being 11 Ways To Die. Eleven often-gruelling and time-extended ways to die tragically, all of which ended with my body sinking languidly onto a couch in a wonderfully contrived position.

For all of you wonderful ladies wishing to know, here is a selection of films (which I recommend for various reasons) and in no particular order...

Breakfast At Tiffanys - directed by Blake Edwards
Holly Golightly is the ultimate bombshell. From beginning to end. Absolutely flawless. Bravo.
Gentlement Prefer Blondes - directed by Howard Hawkes
They don't. Howard Hughes was right! Jane Russell is just as magnificent as Marilyn Monroe in this film
Some Like It Hot - directed by the legendary Billy Wilder
Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Cane. A bit dim but sexy and loving life.
The Girl Can't Help It - directed by Frank Tashlin
Jayne Mansfield is fabulous as a lonely, reluctant star
The Breakfast Club - directed by John Hughes
This is an odd choice for me. But I love make-overs and I adore Molly Ringwald, the bombshell at heart.
Cat On A Hot Tin Roof - directed by Richard Brooks
The legendary Elizabeth Taylor is spectacular (and so is Paul Newman!!!)
Chicago - directed by Rob Marshall
Every woman in this film has IT!
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - directed by John Hughes
Sloane Petersen? Mia Sara is gorgeous. Swimming in a neglige or following her adventurous boyfriend around Chicago. What happened to her? I love Sloane she is definately Bombshell At School
Funny Girl - directed by William Wyler
Barbara Streisand. Fanny Bryce. I can watch this over and over. Guts, determination and charm. It's all in the attitude.
North By Northwest - directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Eva Marie Saint. Wow! Talk about knowing what you want and knowing how to get it!
Thoroughly Modern Millie - directed by George Roy Hill
Muzzie is the bombshell in this film! She is a mature bombshell and is a wonderful Jazz Baby
Match Point - directed by Woody Allen
Scarlett Johansson is a femme fatale
La Dolce Vita - directed by Frederico Fellini
swimming in the fountain anyone? Maybe it's the italian language that gets me
Swimming Pool - directed by Francois Ozon
This is like a feminine french version of Lolita. Ludivine Sagnier is such a Lolita
Annie - directed by John Huston
The sets are amazing. Watch out for Grace Farrell and her boudoir. She is a bombshell if there ever was a picture to go with the meaning. Style, grace, brains, talent and humility
I also love the showgirls at the cinema!
How To Marry A Millionaire - directed by Jean Negulesco
Lauren Bacall, Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe.
Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom - directed by Steven Spielberg
Willie is the bombshell in this film. And she does a great job. Anything Goes
The Rear Window- directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Grace Kelly and her line "A preview of things to come"
The Long, Long Trailor - directed by Vincente Minelli
The magnificent Lucille Ball.
James Bond movies
Each and every Bond Girl for their own unique reasons.

A Smattering Of Bombshells

Recognise any familiar faces?


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