Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Work!

Some Of My Most Recent Work

This shoot was fun and went late into the night at Anton's. What a place! It's like Alice In Wonderland.... would hate to be caught there alone in the dark!!! Also makes me wonder what was in those drinks??

A Fabulous Makeup Job

So this is one of my favourite makeup looks. Actually, I really think Ms Duff is a fine woman. She can act, dance, make perfume, clothes and almost sing!! But what I like most is the makeup in this picture....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Woman Of The Day

Catherine Zeta Jones. Fabulous as Velma Kelly in the screen version of Chicago. I saw Chicago in the West End when I was a Londoner. A right-of-passage for any fledgeling bombshell. She's a woman who knows her mind. She married into Hollywood royalty, 30 years her senior (and a former sex-addict no less). But I'll get to that on a later blog. And who wouldn't want to be the face for the Elizabeth Arden empire? Got to love that. . .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thoughts for the day

I do believe that nobody over the age of 30 should live with anyone unless love and preferably diamonds are involved. By the age of 30, one has the perogative to never reveal her true age. We aren't wine, so why give a vintage?

Another firm beleif of mine: A real lady would never leave her toenails naked. They should always be painted and neat. Preferably red, expertly shaped and never chipped.

Furthermore: No man should see her with hair dye on her head (or even know that it is dyed) unless he is the man who is colouring it. There is absolutely no need.

Introducing The Living Room

This Bombshell's Man

One Of THE Perfumes



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